Control account data quality with paygate Validate


Essential bank data validation for error-free payments

Whether you are accepting direct debit payments from your customers, or paying suppliers with direct credit, checking the accuracy of bank details at the point you collect them, avoids failed payments, removes the hassle of putting things right and saves you money.

Bank account validation quickly checks account accuracy against live banking data, catching incorrect account details before they derail your submissions.

Benefits of paygate Validate

Easy to implement and delivering fast return on investment, bank data validation

improves business processes and customer service.


Quickly checks account accuracy against live banking data, ensuring data accuracy


Keeps you compliant with

Bacs system rules


Submit error-free files with less time-consuming corrections

Hassle-free cashflow

Allows for better financial planning

and budgeting

Customer service

Helps you deliver an improved

customer experience

Cost savings

Reduce investigation

and repair costs

With so many benefits, paygate Validate is the essential tool for achieving error free payments.


  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with regulations that require businesses to maintain accurate and complete records of customer data.
  • Fraud prevention: Helps identify fraudulent transactions or attempts to use false or stolen bank account information.
  • Operational efficiency: Ensures banking operations can be carried out efficiently and effectively.
  • Incorrect data: When the customer provides incorrect or outdated information or if the bank’s records contain errors.
  • Missing data: If the customer fails to provide all required information or if the bank’s records are incomplete.
  • Inconsistent data: When different sources provide conflicting information about the same account or customer.  
  • Data entry errors: when the person entering the data makes a mistake, such as misspelling names.
  • Use a validation tool: Data validation software checks for errors and inconsistencies in customer data, identifing and correct errors, reducing the risk of data quality issues.
  • Data audits: Regular data audits can help identify and correct errors in customer data.
  • Verify data with customers: This ensures your records are accurate and complete.
  • Train staff on data management: All staff members who handle customer data should receive training on data management best practices.


To discuss how our validate solution helps you achieve error free payments,

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