The benefits of switching payment solutions

Thinking about switching your payment solution can be a daunting prospect. Change is often seen as a difficult thing and if your payment solution works, why change? But the question is, is it still the right solution?

Can automation strengthen your procedures?

With many companies working with a reduced workforce (maybe due to current furlough circumstances), it’s more important than ever to look at everyday processes and how they can be strengthened to reduce complexity and improve efficiencies.

Will open banking replace card payments?

Our financial information and how we protect it remains at the forefront of every households agenda.

How to achieve a successful return to office working

As the restrictions of coronavirus are slowly lifted, many things are set to change and we are all finding our feet within a ‘new normal’.

Moving to the cloud risk-free

In this last blog of the series, we look at what makes migration to paygate’s cloud solution completely risk-free.

How to keep payment processing on track during a lockdown

In this series of blogs, we look at how a move from on-premise to cloud solutions will benefit your business.

What does a cloud solution mean for the everyday in your business?

Working remotely brings challenges for both individuals and companies as a whole. In this blog we look at how paygate’s cloud solutions make remote working easier.

Covid, business continuity and keeping your payments on track

As the threat around coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease continues to escalate in the UK, we continue to follow and monitor the official Government advice to ensure we’re doing all we can to protect both our staff and service delivery to our customers.

Are API’s just a buzzword?

There is a growing buzz within the payments industry about APIs. What are they? Does PayGate use them? Should you care?

The robots are coming – look busy!

Why we shouldn’t be afraid of automation when it comes to processing business payments