HSM is the most secure method of submitting payment data to Bacs.

Payment signing with premium security, protection and compliance.


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Why smartcards are not so smart

Smartcards are not so smart when it comes to processing Bacs payments. They can be vulnerable to physical attacks, such as tampering or cloning, which compromise their security and as they need to be physically at your fingertips to be useful, mislaying your card can leave you unable to sign your payments.

HSM as an alternative

HSM, or Hardware Security Module, provides a highly secure, tamper-proof method of securely signing your files, staying compliant with regulations and making remote payment processing super secure across your organisation.

Available on-premise with software sitting on your infrastructure as well as a cloud based solution hosted on our private or shared infrastructure, paygate also offers you the choice of HSM as-a-service for ultimate flexibility.

Top benefits of moving to HSM

Maximum security

Tamper proof protection with the highest level of security.

Data protection

Go that extra mile to safeguard both internal and external data.

Powerful automation

Add simple workflows to automate a variety of payment processes.

HSM as-a-service

Hosted on your behalf, available when and where you need it, with no delays.

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your payment security and business efficiency.