HSM as-a-service

Make signing your payments easier and safer, wherever you are. HSM as-a-service is the smarter option for secure cloud signing.


Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to payments – and this is where cloud solutions come into their own.


Cloud software introduces ‘smarter’ ways to sign payments through hosted HSM. An easy way to sign payments with no configuration, hardware or hosting required. There are no PINs to memorise and security can be bolstered by the use of MFA (Multi-factor authentication), typically via SMS-based One-Time PIN.


HSM as-a-service gives you maximum security and keeps you compliant with regulations for total peace of mind.

What are the benefits?

Sign anywhere, anytime

Instantly available when and where you need it; no delays and no PINs to remember

No fuss updates

Software updates managed behind the scenes with no disruption, no downtime and no additional cost to you

No hardware, less cost

Securely store multiple certificates segregated by device for ultimate flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Want automation?

Add simple workflows to automate payment signing, approving and submitting

Want to know more?

Speak to one of our technical experts about HSM