Simple file upload

Uploading files to Bacs has never been simpler with our easy to use, super secure and totally compliant system.

Our intuitive system keeps the Bacs process simple, enabling you and your teams to easily process bacs files. The powerful in-house file mapping tool enables us to work with any file format your systems are generating. We also give you the tools to map your own files to enable you to adopt quickly to changing environments. 


Use any file format with any browser, and automate file uploads from any location


With the latest methods of encryption and tokenisation, you’ll never worry

about data security again


A modern user interface makes our platform easy to roll out and easy to learn, even for someone who’s new to the platform

Reconcile & report

We automatically import the Bacs A-reports giving you one place to access everything. Bespoke reporting widgets allow you to create powerful dashboards so you can better understand your Bacs data.

GDPR compliant

In a world where GDPR is critically important, rest assured our platform is GDPR compliant and our contracts give you the liability shift required.

Automatic file upload

Save time and resource by using our automatic file upload tool, removing many security risks from your business such as file tampering, staff absence and file encryption challenges.


Various multi-factor authentication options are available including smartcards, SMS, USB tokens and our very own paygate phone app. We also support HSM options for workflow automation authentications.

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