Secure your Bacs processes for business continuity

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is being retired on 15 June 2022.  

In readiness for this change we’ve updated our paygate hosted solutions and introduced new plugins that allow you to use smart cards with Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.  Find more information below on how to install the plugin.

If you have an on-premise paygate solution, check out the information below on how to secure your Bacs payments.

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Update your paygate on-premise solution

To avoid disruption to your Bacs processing with our on-premise solution,  your software needs to be updated with the patch we’ve developed.


This gives you access to the new plugin that allows you to use Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers with paygate and smart cards.  We’ll install the plugin at the same time as updating your system.


Contact your Account Manager 

to discuss and schedule your update


How to install the plugin & extension

If you’re using our Enterprise cloud solution, you will need to install both the plugin and extension on each PC that will be using Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers to access paygate.

Download the relevant extension and the plugin, then follow the video instructions to install them.  Please note you may need administrative permission to install the plugin and extension.

STEP 1: Download the relevant extension

Download the extension for Chrome and Edge

Watch the video below on how to install

Download the extension for Firefox

Watch the video below on how to install

STEP 2: Download the plugin

Watch the video below on how to install

Consider switching to paygate cloud

With a cloud solution we take care of all software updates for you, removing any impact on your users or IT system teams. 

There are other benefits too, like the ability to replace smart cards with more secure HSM digital signing, and introduce automation to boost efficiency.

Benefits of paygate cloud

Enhanced security

Encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures, strong authentication and other cryptographic functions give maximum payment security.

Access anywhere, anytime

The ability to securely access and manage your entire payment procedures from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Automatic updates

paygate takes care of updates centrally with  no disruption, no downtime and no additional cost to you.


paygate guarantees 99.5% uptime and is backed by failover and hardware replication, ensuring you’ll always have access to the software no matter what. 

Cost saving

You no longer have to procure, fund and maintain space in your environment.  Your IT department will love that.

Unlock the power of automation

Streamline your payment procedures with easy workflows – you choose what and how much to automate. 

Replacing smart cards with HSM

What is HSM?

An HSM (Hardware Security Module) is the most secure alternative to smart cards for submitting payment data to Bacs. Switch to a highly secure, tamper-proof HSM to securely sign your files, stay compliant with regulations and make remote payment processing super secure across your organisation.

What does an HSM do?

It safeguards and manages digital keys, performs encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures, strong authentication and other cryptographic functions.

How does it work?

The certificate from your sponsor bank used to sign your payments is stored on the HSM, and once connected to your Bacs approved software allows you to sign payment submissions simply, securely and without the need for pesky smart cards.

What is HSM as-a-service?

HSM as-a-service means the HSM is hosted on your behalf. It removes all software from your payments process – no need for any drivers or application software  on the devices used for signing  and submitting.

Benefits of HSM

  • An efficient, cost effective and trouble-free solution that keeps you compliant

  • Highest levels of security against external threats

  • Unlocks the power of automation for part or all of your process

  • Simplifies everyday functions, removing time and effort

  • Removes reliance on Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser

  • Available on-premise or as a hosted service

  • HSM as-a-service is fully managed by paygate – no infrastructure or software to worry about

How to get started with automation

Automating all or part of your routine Bacs process helps free up your team’s time so they can focus on other tasks.   Even just automating new payment file uploads and downloads of Bacs A Reports could save valuable time and effort.

It’s easy to automate your payments through Bacs and Faster payments, you need just 2 key things:

Benefits of automation

  • Streamline your Bacs processes
  • Automate payment file encryption and upload
  • Automatically download Bacs reports without leaving paygate
  • Save time with action alerts
  • Adherence to your specific security protocols every time
  • Automate all or part of your process

Deploying Microsoft Edge

To address the issue of IE going out of support, guidance advises that at the very least you transition to the Microsoft Edge browser and enable the IE compatibility mode to continue to access the Payment Services Website.  

This is a short-term solution and will require associated work from your IT department:

  • You need to have installed the latest version of MS Edge
  • You need to enable the IE compatibility mode in MS Edge
  • This needs to be refreshed every 30 days, before the 30-day expiry date
  • Requires the paygate plugin to be installed on each paygate user’s laptop


To secure your Bacs procedures, discuss the options and get answers to any questions,

schedule a call with your Account Manager


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