Simplify complex payments processes with easy automation

Automation elevates payment efficiency, security and speed to the next level, driving costs down, streamlining operations and boosting business efficiency.

paygate gives you the flexibility to design, manipulate and customise any rules-based payment processes.

3 reasons to automate your payments

  • Have total control with action triggers, messaging and alerts
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your process will meet regulatory standards, every time
  • React quickly to regulatory and regional process requirements

Easy Automation


  • Reduced risk from fraud and legislation breaches
  • Less payment errors and costly remediation
  • Total compliance assurance with locked-down procedures
  • Improved process visibility, management and audit


  • Drag-and-drop visual interface
  • Complex workflow modelling
  • Enforces standards compliance
  • Self-service workflow maintenance
  • Map any input source to industry formats
  • Intelligent field mapping and data enrichment