Payment automation

Automated workflows take the manual effort out of the Bacs payment process. By automating the routine steps, you save time, avoid delays and work more efficiently.

More and more businesses are making Bacs processing faster and more secure with automated workflows.


So far this year, paygate customers have processed over 24m transactions, collecting and paying over £6b worth of payments with automated processes.

Processes such as file import, bank data validation, signing, approval and submission can all be safely handled by an automatic process. And if your internal processes change, automation workflows can be swiftly and easily edited, keeping you in control.

paygate’s platform coupled with their technical expertise has enabled us to make great strides in streamlining and automating our own specific payment procedures. Previously, all of our
bureau submissions were completed manually; at 6,000 files a year, that’s a significant
ongoing time and cost saving from going lights-out

(Lee Attwood, Cambridgeshire County Council)

Automate as much or as little as you like

You can automate as much or as little of the Bacs process as you wish. Start with simple processes first, automating more complex processes as required while remaining flexible, streamlining operations and boosting efficiencies. 


Simple automation can save time on often-repeated tasks such as downloading the Bacs reports or uploading payment files ready for actioning.


With built in alerts for actions, reminders avoid missed deadlines and delays to payment processes.


Manage multi-level user permissions to confidently minimise the risk of error, fraud or non-compliance.

Benefits of Automation

Powerful Automation Features

Fast, easy set up

Getting started with automating your submissions is very quick and with minimal time resource from you. If you would like to discuss automation

with one of our experts, talk to us today.