Manage all payment types from the paygate modular payment platform for total flexibility, greater cost efficiency and sensible budget management.

Make your day-to-day operations easier.

paygate is fully customisable and moulds to your business processes and security procedures. It makes it easy to introduce process automation, gives you better end-to-end control and supports flexible working patterns.

How paygate safeguards payment security

  • Moulds to your security policies
  • Immediate file encryption at source and in transit
  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • SMS signing
  • Audit-standard digital activity record

How paygate saves you money

  • No hidden charges or long contract lock-in
  • No-charge software updates to meet new rules and industry changes
  • No transaction limits to push you into costly overspend
  • No obligatory Professional Services – we give you the reins
  • No sudden, forced or unnecessary solution upgrades
  • Built-in transaction validation and error checking for less failures
  • Cloud-HSM does away with risk-prone smartcards and cost
  • Digital records at a click for faster auditing
  • Payment expertise to improve your operations and cut processing time

How paygate simplifies payment processing

  • Consolidate all your payment types into one tool
  • Choose your deployment options
  • Easy to use solution, users quickly ramp up proficiency
  • Less software CapEx, fewer licences and less infrastructure expense
  • Integration with other business systems and easy file mapping
  • Choice of ultra-secure signing and approving methods

How paygate gives you flexibility

  • Choice of deployment options: Cloud, hosted, self-hosted or on-premise
  • Modular solution for scalability and better budget management
  • Easy file mapping and editing, anytime
  • Simple workflow ‘Building & Edit’ functionality that doesn’t need Professional Services
  • Flexible pricing options and terms
  • Set, edit and control User permissions for create, authorise, sign and approve functions

“paygate gives us crucial flexibility in how we operate day to day, it has helped us cut the time to process our submissions by 75% giving us a significant overhead cost saving in excess of £25k each year.”

JC Payroll Services