Our direct debit management service ensures you stay compliant with direct debit regulations and helps you deliver high levels of customer service.

Our management system provides you with the end-to-end solution that replaces the requirement to maintain a separate database of direct debit customers.

As well as holding all your customer data, all direct debit processes are completed within the paygate management system.  With no manual intervention required apart from the signing, approving and sending to Bacs, our direct debit management system allows you to realise valuable cost reductions and protect organisational reputation.

With granular tracking and reporting for complete piece of mind, managing your direct debits becomes easier, smarter and more protected.


Benefits of paygate’s direct debit management system


An end-to-end solution that eliminates complexity with built in automation

  • Reduces the administrative burden associated with manual processing.
  • Automates bank detail and data validation
  • Manages and automate the full Direct Debit life-cycle


Locking down the direct debit process, the system enforces compliance with regulations

  • Avoids errors
  • Makes fraudulent activity less likely
  • Lowers associated costs


Our integrated system provides fewer errors, mitigated risk of fraud and less costly fines.

  • Built-in account detail and data validation
  • Integrated communications options
  • Drag-and-drop file mapping and workflow tools


Switching to a paperless system improves customer satisfaction and experience

  • Improved customer journey
  • Fully supports current account switching service
  • Account details can be quickly implemented when required

How the paygate DDMS protects your payments

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