Eliminate error-related costs and hassle by controlling the quality of payment data at source.

Improving the way you collect and verify customer bank details has a direct positive impact on both business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Incorrect bank data is a major source of payment inefficiency. It prevents automated processing and leads to customer frustration.

paygate Validate lets you verify the accuracy of account details at the point they’re entered into your payment system, avoiding failed or delayed submissions down the line.

It’s easy to implement and delivers fast return on investment.


  • Ensures seamless payment runs by eliminating rejected payments
  • Superior customer service from properly executed payment runs
  • Tightly focused error investigation saves time and money
  • Validation checks against real-time banking system data means higher accuracy
  • Facilitates straight through processing (STP)
  • Validates all customer bank details in batch or during online sign-up


“The benefits of data validation run deep within your business and extend to the user experience of your customers.”