Discover the benefits of our latest platform

paygate v3 is built on the latest cloud infrastructure, giving you a range of new features and functionality to boost security and help your business get future-ready

paygate on prempaygate v2paygate v3
Security policy manager * Includes: password complexity manager, inactive timeout, time restrictions, IP address restrictions
AWS ISO27001 hosted * Primary fail over and back up UK data centres
SFTP file uploads/downloads *Secure way to move files across the internet, customers can use their own certificates
Gemalto security tokens MFA
Email MFA
APP MFA * Works with common auth apps such as Google Authenticator, Authy. Works on Android or iOS.
PG Platform ISO27001
Fraud tool *Currently support Blacklists and Whitelists. In a blacklist you add various sortcodes / account numbers and the system will prevent any payment to those accounts. In a whitelist you add sortcodes and account numbers and the system will ONLY allow payments to accounts on the whitelist. We include various tools to help build and maintain the lists.
GDPR subject access request * Search tools to help perform a GDRP lookup. Then can optionally ‘sanitise’ personal data from the system.
GDPR Data cleansing *Remove historical data by bulk or individual.
Browser compatbility * We maintain support for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
Built for performance * Version 3 runs on super modern, high-end infrastructure
Single Platform * Customers have a single user account that they can use across all services (Enterprise, Online, Validate, etc).
Agent rebuilt key management system * Very secure way to get files to and from the Paygate cloud. Supports ways to automate files being sent into the paygate cloud and retrieving reports from the cloud. Key management was rebuilt for V3 to further increase security.
HTTPS uploads/downloads * paygate v3 supports both SFTP and HTTPS.
In browser File and Folder handling * Allows customers to securely organise their files and folders that are stored on paygate
Single sign-on *Coming in 2024 for V3
PG on premPG Ev2PGv3
Logging tickets by email
Logging tickets by portal
Logging tickets by phone
Dedicated account management
Uptime improvements
Ongoing development
Bug fixing
Auto File Import *Automatically imports a payment file and validates it. Users no longer need to manually browse for and import a file, paygate will do this in the background and present the validation results to the user.
PG on premPG Ev2PGv3
Designer in browser In V2 Workflows use an older style desktop app. In V3 workflows are built and managed in the Paygate Browser app. It’s much easier to deploy and manage.
Designer 3rd party app
Improved logging A feature mainly for PS/CS to help them diagnose problems with workflows. Problems can be diagnosed and fixed faster.
New scheduler triggers A new trigger type that allows the user to set up a workflow like you set up a meeting in Outlook. For some, this is more flexible and easier to understand than using CRON.
Triggers for multiple workflows You can use a single trigger to start multiple workflows. It’s a simple feature that will make things easier to manage if you have a lot of workflows.
Workflow validation Troubleshoots new workflows, validation
Workflow chaining Allows a workflow to call another workflow. Using this you can simplify large complicated workflows in smaller separate ones. Easier to manage and diagnose issues.
New nodes Various new nodes that help to build new types of workflows or help manage existing workflows.
Full documentation V3 will be fully documented with help guides and tutorials.
and tutorials
Multiple filename variables Supporting multiple filename variables should make designing complex workflows a bit easier.
Future developments Pure Excel Importer – XLSX; BACS Calendar Widget; Workflow Timeline; Workflow / Mobile App notification / management; S3 Connector
Download and distribute A Reports When you have workflow and HSM you can automate the entire BACS report download process. They can automatically be converted to other formats for integration into finance apps. They can be emailed to customers as html, pdf or zips. They can be made available for collection via SFTP. Or, if you use Agent, they can be security delivered to the customer’s private network.
Partial submission
Lightsout submission No signing
Standard nodes for initiation
PG on premPG Ev2PGv3
Batched bureau submissions
Manual & Automated submission builder
Customer import
Bacs reporting tools
Recall Bureau Customers by ID
Submission Re-entry * Complete your submissions over any amount of time
Familiar workflow throughout *It will be familiar to V2 customer but they will notice improvements.
Revamped manual submission mode *This is completely new in V3 Bureau. Those customers wanting a more manual way of building their submission (Rather than using Jobs) will find a new, efficient way of working.
Drag and drop files from anywhere *Like in other areas of V3. User can just drag and drop file in Bureau for processing. They can also use the Restricted File Browser and Server file browser – that add more security – if they wish.
Support for multiple file formats per submission * No longer limited to single Standard 18 submission for example
Better default filename support *Makes working with files easier.
Usage Reporting over data range *Small but useful improvement to reporting. User can set a date range on the usage report.
PG on premPG Ev2PGv3
Validate *Validate is integrated in V3 and so customers that have both products can access them from the same client with the same account.
API Access *Validate API and the Payment API.
4x Faster
Save Submissions *Save an ‘in-progress’ submission and return to it later. Build up a submission during the day
Improved payment and submission searching
Customisable dashboard *Many useful, module specific, dashboard widgets, e.g. Payments, collections, workflow, etc.
PG on premPG Ev2PGv3
Enhanced reporting including real-time usage