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How is paygate priced?

We build flexibility and transparency into everything we do, including our pricing models.

With paygate you chose the pricing options and terms that best suit your budget, flexibly balancing CapEx v OpEx costs of your banking software.


Whether you’re a small start-up or a multi-national enterprise, our solutions and services are tailored to your budget today, and then grow in sync with your future needs.


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Is switching to a new payments system difficult?

The paygate on-boarding process makes switching easy, fast and worry-free.


Our Customer Audit Form quickly collects accurate information about your payments, users, activity permissions, SUNs, Bank Accounts and approval process.


In fact, everything your dedicated implementation engineer needs to configure your system without delay.


“The transition period to paygate was seamless and the savings we have made against our incumbent supplier are over 50% year on year”


My current supplier has forced me to upgrade, will paygate do that?

Never! That’s not how we do things.


We know that many of our competitors impose upgrades, bill for unexpected Professional Services fees and increase charges.


We value our relationship with you, that’s why we never force you to upgrade.


You are safe in the knowledge that your paygate solution will always keep you compliant, protected and fully operational, even with all the industry changes that come along.

“Our existing supplier informed us our payments system was becoming end of life; we chose paygate due to their experience, system functionality and calculated ROI – we continue to benefit daily from paygate”

Managing Director, Payments Bureau

Should we think about moving to the cloud?

Good idea! Many of our customers have done just that and enjoy ongoing benefits from our Cloud solution.

Choose either a multi-tenant cloud or your own private solution, accessed via our dedicated Tier 3 UK-only datacentre environment.


paygate cloud gives you many advantages: streamlined processes, reduced costs, reduced IT overheads and access to a fully resilient disaster recovery option.


Plus, with all product updates managed centrally by us, you have peace of mind knowing you’re always using the latest and greatest software version that complies with the latest industry changes – such as NPA, GDPR, PSD2 – as they come into force…with none of the additional charges imposed by our competitors!

We have remote workers, how does paygate help?

paygate cloud allows you to process payments remotely or on the go. That avoids payment delays and ensures all-round security.


Using a Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a service removes the capital expenditure of a physical unit while retaining the many benefits of an HSM.


Thus, paygate enables process automation and eliminates the restrictions of smartcards.

“paygate gives us crucial flexibility in how we operate day to day, it has helped us cut the time to process our submissions by 75% – giving us a significant overhead cost saving in excess of £25k each year”

JC Payroll Services

Can we automate our processes with paygate?

Of course, and it’s very easy with paygate designer!


Not only that, we also give you the ability to easily edit your workflows whenever you need to, without having to pay us for Professional Services time.


Now how refreshingly straightforward is that?


The automation tool is available to all our customers from day one with no hidden charges, no limitations and no need for Professional Services.


Easily create visually rich real-world models of complex rules-based processes with drag-and-drop functionality. From simple prompts to action, to automating lowest-cost-routing, paygate designer simplifies the creation of automated workflows that are robust, secure and compliant.


Simplify your processes, build-in compliance and stay in control.


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paygate offers a complete range of premium quality payment solutions

For nearly half a century, paygate has helped global brand leaders and SMEs to stay compliant and reduce costs by making payment processing simpler, more secure and straightforward.


Working fairly and honestly with our customers, putting quality standards at the forefront of everything we do and delivering the best customer care – that’s the paygate difference.


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