Seamlessly connect paygate to your business systems with our new API

Our powerful payment API can be used to build BACS and Faster Payment functionality into your own company systems, products and services so you can enjoy the many benefits this connectivity provides.

Benefits of our API


Removes the risk of payment 

and data duplications

Enhanced security

Removing file-based transfer means your data is more secure when transferred through the API

Improved collaboration

Sharing data between systems improves collaboration and internal communication within your organisation.

Smoother user experience

Data is more easily embedded throughout your applications, ensuring a smooth 

user experience.

We answer those all important questions

paygate’s API is a new way for our valued customers to interact with paygate.  Using the API means you can tightly integrate our secure, BACS approved payment technology into your own systems and products adding significant value along the way.

You can do pretty much anything BACS and Faster Payments related that a standard paygate user can do including:   

  • Creating new submissions (Direct or Indirect) 
  • Adding removing and amending payments, Direct Debits and AUDDIS 
  • Creating Actions with optional human approval. 
  • Sign submissions (using our HSM service) 
  • Submit to BACS/Faster Payments and collect the receipt (Submission Summary) 
  • Cancel submissions in progress. 
  • Download reports (Input report, ADDACS, AUDDIS, DDIC, etc). 

Security is a central part of our payment API and strong authentication is required to access the API. 

API ‘users’ can be given:

  • Roles within groups.  
  • Payment and submission limits
  • Access to everything or can be barred from a particular group.
  • Option to have a ‘human’ user to approve a submission – using actions.

Yes, the API can be partially integrated with a manual approval step:

  • API Builds the submission and signs with HSM.
  • A human user receives a paygate approval action.
  • The user logs into paygate client
  • The human user reviews and approves the submission.
  • API then picks back up and submits to BACS.

Workflows don’t require a software developer and can be created by paygate staff as consultancy or even by your internal staff without any specialist programming knowledge. The Payment API provides integration with other software packages and is arguably more powerful and flexible than workflows – but at the cost of requiring a software developer, test team, etc. If you would like to discuss API’s vs workflows, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.


If you choose to implement our API users will interact with paygate using code. You will need developers who are familiar with writing code to make use of the API.

You can read more in-depth technical information about the API in our ‘Developer Portal’. This site has been  specifically created for those who want to learn more about our API’s or developers that want to implement our APIs.  The developer portal contains two sections: 

  • Tutorials to take developers through the initial steps of using our APIs. 
  • Technical API documentation (Commonly called Swagger Documentation).   

The developer portal is available on the public Internet and there is no login required.  You can find it here: 

In order to start using the API you will have to license the payment API module and license BACS and/or FPS usage for direct or indirect use. In addition, an API requires a user account and so will take up one user slot. You will also require a HSM licence (when used with direct submissions). To ensure a fully streamline process, you will likely want a separate group to cover API payments. 

Yes, we have plans in our roadmap to offer API’s to cover most paygate functionality including collections, Bureau and workflow. 

For more information on how paygate’s API can benefit your business , 

contact our payment experts today.