Enrich your software with integrated Bacs payment functionality

Adding UK Bacs approved software to your customer offering helps you deliver added value and develop meaningful new sales opportunities for additional revenue. 

And with customers more deeply invested in your company, you increase retention rates too. 

With options to either integrate paygate into your software, or offer Bacs processing as a trusted referral, partnering with us has great advantages for both you and your customers. 

What about your own Bacs processing?

Whether you’re using your bank for Bacs processing, or another Bacs approved software, talk to us about switching to paygate. 

Our feature-rich, modular platform helps you manage your own Bacs Debits, Credits, Faster Payments and bureau payments easily and efficiently.   

Over 93% of customers switching to us significantly reduce their Bacs processing costs. 

Four ways integrated Bacs helps grow your business

Helps you provide a functionally richer software solution to your customers 


Generates an additional revenue stream 

Gives you the edge over your competitors 

Makes your software solution even stickier with your customers 

Benefits for your customers

  • Enables efficient Bacs Debit and Credit payment processing without leaving your software 
  • Speeds up and simplifies their payment procedures 
  • Automatically download Bacs A-Reports directly into your solution 
  • Gives them greater control and compliance of Bacs procedures 
  • Keeps their customer data in one place 
  • Improves data protection with secure storage, management and transfer of sensitive data

Why choose paygate

Trusted by over 450 private and public organisations, paygate is now the 2nd largest Bacs Approved Software Supplier in the UK. 

Our feature-rich payment platform lets you manage all your Bacs Debits, Credits and Faster Payments from one secure solution. User-friendly and highly flexible, paygate is fully customisable to your needs.  

Whether you’re a big or small business, or operating as a bureau, our solutions improve payment efficiency by streamlining, cutting costs and eliminating risk. 

Schedule a call to see how Direct Debit and Direct Credit

integration can help your business.