Whether you’re a small business, a global brand, a charity or a service provider, the paygate platform is for you.

Explore the smart way to manage your payments and improve cashflow management, plan staged spending and achieve faster solution ROI.

Cost efficiency and tighter security?  Achieve both with paygate

More than ever, organisations big and small need to seek out cost reductions from every corner of their business.

Cost-cutting strategies such as downsizing office space lead to or support flexible working practices that enable employees to work anywhere anytime.

Modern IT infrastructures open up opportunities to digitise payments, refine customer experience and meet the increasing demand for online transactions.

paygate allows greater flexibility with no compromise on security

  • Reduce infrastructure costs with Private or hosted Cloud options
  • Allow ‘anywhere working’ with restricted IP address access
  • Boost payment signing security with SMS and 2FA
  • Eradicate non-compliance risk with workflows
  • Control User activity with permission controls
  • De-stress audits with tamper-proof digital action logs
  • Consolidate software tools
  • Faster user proficiency with low training requirements
  • Avoid failed payments with data validation

paygate for Payroll

paygate for Central & Local Government