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Helping the public sector apply digital strategies to transform debit and credit payment processing

We help our large and growing community of central and local government clients identify and unlock cost savings as they tackle increasing demand for services.


We work closely with local authorities, healthcare, emergency services and education organisations to implement a tailored package of software and value-adding solutions.  Complementing paygate Bacs processing with data validation, direct debit management and process automation reinforces security, ensures compliance and helps manage risk.


The outcome is a significant reduction in costs associated with managing routine transactions by minimising staff touch time, eliminating errors and enabling streamlined more efficient processes.

“paygate gives us far greater security and a better audit trail on transactions than we had before. We have an excellent relationship with paygate and we are very satisfied.”

Pembrokeshire Council

Pembrokeshire Council cuts costs with paygate


Processing £400m worth of annual credit, debit and AUDDIS transactions, managed across nine service user numbers, the Council required a reliable and efficient solution that safeguards security.


paygate keeps their payments on track with ease of use and consistent reliability. Flexible deployment options allow them to retain an on-premise solution and not be pressured into a cloud service before they were ready. Contingency through paygate’s Goldstar Bureau Service further protects their payment procedures.


Reduced processing time by around 30 days per year has achieved significant cost savings. Easy workflows allow full control and ensure the Council’s own robust security protocols cannot be breached.

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