The paygate platform

Whether you’re an SME or global enterprise, our highly customisable platform is tailored to create the best solution for your business.

Our payment platform – simply called ‘paygate’ – is one of the longest established Bacs approved software solutions available on the market that enables you to easily connect directly to the Bacs processing system. It’s a cost-effective alternative to using your bank to submit to the Bacs service and affords you greater flexibility and control over the whole process.


Re-built in 2021 with super modern, 

high-end security infrastructure. 


With ready to-play service modules, start small then easily scale up by turning on functionality over time .


Smart workflows, automated uploads, fraud rules, data validation

and much more.

Manage your payments in one place

The intelligent, feature-rich platform lets you consolidate and manage all your Bacs Direct Debits, Direct Credits and UK Faster Payments from one robust, highly secure solution. Our range of services include contingency planning, emergency payment submission and a Bacs-approved Bureau facility.

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