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IE11 end of life

The impending retirement of Internet Explorer (IE11) is a hot topic right now. According to Microsoft’s Tech Community, MS will end support for IE on Windows10 in June 2022 and support for Window10 is expected to end in 2025. We’re hearing from many of our customers that your IT teams are already switching off IE in your organisations. So how does this affect your paygate solution?

The retirement of IE does not impact paygate itself,  and it will only affect you if you’re using smart cards to sign your payments. Currently, smart cards and the banks rely on Gemalto software which only runs on IE so it will eventually fail.  Gemalto are working on an update but it’s not yet clear when that will become available; when it is released you will of course need to update your current version of the Gemalto software to avoid signing failures when IE is retired. In the meantime, there are two solutions to consider:

  1. Eliminate your smartcards : Many customers are eliminating smart cards from their process and switching instead to inherently more secure HSM or HSM-aaS. If you’d like to know more take a look at our webpage and get in touch with our technical team to explore if HSM is for you.

  2. Upgrade to paygate v3The other good news is that our latest paygate v3 platform, launched recently, is built without dependency on IE, and works with more modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge.  If you’re using smart cards, switching to v3 gives you the best protection against the risk of smartcard failure when IE is finally shelved.

We’ve started migrating customers to v3 in stages as functionality is released.  Look out for your invitation to book your update slot when it’s your turn!  

Plus, we’ll soon be releasing plugins for paygate v2 that allow smart card signing on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.  Look out for our updates.

Workflow workshop

When asked for content suggestions ahead of the focus group, a popular choice was workflows.

While some of our customers are huge fans of automation (thanks to those of you who shared your stories), it’s often seen as scary ‘black magic’!

The truth is automation can solve many payment problems and inefficiencies, and best of all you decide how much – or how little – you chose to automate.

New account black-listing module

Chris Hester from our Payment Consultancy team discussed how the newest v3 functionality enhances the payment process from multi-factor authentication (MFA) security at login, using APIs for data protection and customising dashboards to put Bacs reports at your fingertips.

The topic that got the most interest was our new anti-fraud module that gives you the ability to black-list known fraudulent bank accounts.  We’d love to hear how this feature could benefit your company, share your thoughts here with our clever developers that built it.

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