Is it time to review your Bacs contingency plan?


Contingency planning for Bacs payments

What would happen if you suddenly lost the ability to process your Bacs debit or credit payments?

This could happen for various reasons but the fallout of derailed payment processing would be the same – disgruntled customers, suppliers and employees. 

Losing access to your Bacs processing software can lead to compromised data security too.  Not to mention the time, effort and cost of getting everything back on track.

Are you at risk?

Contingency planning for your Bacs processing is particularly critical if you’re using an on-premise service or offering Bureau services to other business units or organisations.

Remember too that maintaining your Bacs Approved Bureau (BAB) status requires you to have robust business contingency plans in place.

Even if you’re using a cloud-based Bacs solution your process itself might still be at risk if it relies on outdated technology, for example if  you’re using smartcards.

We have a suite of contingency services that integrate into your business processes, including:

There is a good chance that your business never has to make use of its contingency plans but it’s important to have an effective safety net in place, and to review this setup frequently.

Why review your contingency plans

Reviewing your contingency plan regularly ensures that it remains effective and up-to-date.

Changes in the business

Ensure your plan reflects any changes

in your business and remains 



Stay compliant with Bacs 

accreditation rules if 

you’re a BAB.


Testing the plan

Test results flag any necessary changes

to ensure that your plan is effective 

in practice.

Benefits of contingency reviews

Identify potential 

failure points

Lessen risk by removing 

smartcard reliance

Reduce costs 

and modernise

To discuss contingency options or review your current plans,
book a call with your Account Manager