Carmarthenshire Council

"The reliability and simplicity of paygate makes life very easy for our internal teams and enables us to deliver great customer service which makes their life easier too."

Case Study Summary


£1m worth of daily debit and credit transactions reliant on IT resouirce was putting the Council at risk of potential delays and errors in making and receiving payments.


paygate allows the Council to manage payments in and out with greater speed and efficiency; reducing involvement from the IT team means less risk and a steamlined, more cost-effective process.


paygate frees up IT time and gives payment teams more control, makes audit reporting effortless and less time consuming, and helps deliver great customer service – all leading to significant cost savings.

“The reliability and simplicity of paygate means we can manage all our outgoing payments and incoming collections efficiently. By giving our consumers choice about which day of the month we collect their payment, we’re also providing them with great customer service too.”

Andrew Evans, Senior Infrastructure Officer

More control, effortless auditing and great customer service.
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“paygate has made a real difference to how we manage our operations, we’ve been able to simultaneously embrace flexibility, reduce costs and bolster technological security”.


“We are very impressed with the way paygate responds to our requirements and with their extremely professional and helpful account management”.


“The key benefits for us using paygate are business continuity, staff time saving, peace of mind and a seamless, cost effective automated process”.

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