University of Cardiff

“paygate has made a real difference to how we manage our operations, we’ve been able to simultaneously embrace flexibility, reduce costs and bolster technological security.”


Cardiff University’s Bacs payment process was complex and inefficient, with reliance on smart cards that put their payment schedule at risk of costly disruption or even complete failure.


paygate gives them a modern, future-ready solution that meets current and future needs, protects them against vulnerability and reduces critical failure risk.  Easily deployed automation makes secure remote working possible, speeds up processing and improves contingency planning.


The University has strengthened organisation-wide security and improved process efficiency resulting in reduced costs. They are better able to manage budgets with predictable ongoing costs.  Speed and ease of switching surpassed expectation and was completed in just 4 days.

Can you have payment flexibility, lower costs and stronger security all at the same time?  You can with paygate.