Customer success stories

Discover how we help businesses keep their payment procedures on track, secure and risk-free.

paygate does exactly what it says on the

tin, and that’s exactly what we need. 

It’s unbelievably stable and that 

is so critically important to us”.

“paygate has made a real difference to how we manage our operations, we’ve been able to simultaneously embrace flexibility, reduce costs and bolster technological security”.

“We are very impressed with the way paygate

responds to our requirements and with

their extremely professional and

helpful account management”.

“paygate gives us far greater security and a better audit trail on transactions than we had before. We have

an excellent relationship with paygate

and we are very satisfied”.

“paygate is an extremely robust solution that’s very easy to use. It processes transactions with

impressive speed and overall the solution

gives us great time saving benefits”.

“The key benefits for us using paygate are business continuity, staff time saving, peace of mind

and a seamless, cost effective

automated process”.

“The reliability and simplicity of paygate makes life very easy for our internal teams and enables us to deliver great customer

service which makes their life easier too”.

“paygate in the cloud is intuitive, secure

and quick. The product support

is second to none”.

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