We’re changing our name!

We’re changing our name, it’s not a very big change, just a teeny weeny one.  We’ve decided we don’t need the CORVID bit anymore so we’re going to be…well, simply ‘paygate’…cool, huh?

Why are we doing this I hear you ask?  Good question, let me explain.

In June 2019, CORVID PayGate became part of the Jonas Software group; the acquisition marks an exciting new era for us, with huge enthusiasm within our team for what lies ahead.  Our new name is a nice marker for the latest chapter in our story.

Over the past few months we’ve been gradually immersing ourselves in the Jonas way of life.  Jonas has a wealth of experience in running software companies; every business in their group is – and remains – unique; Jonas simply inject their own brand of expertise and support to ramp up growth.

Today’s ‘paygate’ has a long heritage and a rich history, in fact, if it were a person it should probably write its memoirs.  As one of the first Bacs approved software solutions, it has matured over time in the capable hands of our highly experienced development team.  Now, with the backing of Jonas, we are driving forward with our ambitious product development roadmap to further enhance our offering and our service to our customers.

So what does this mean for you our customers?

Well, apart from our streamlined name, a new logo and shorter email addresses, very little else will change from a company administrative point of view.  You’ll continue to benefit from robust products, great support and access to reliable industry expertise.

What is exciting is that our expanded and accelerated product innovation plan will see the launch of paygate v3 early next year.  Plus, we’ll be introducing our brand-new customer portal to give our customers even more control over their paygate service and enhancing the way we interact with our customers.

Watch this space for more news over the coming months!