How to achieve a successful return to office working

With many of us having worked from home on an extended basis, the recent lift in restrictions means that a return to the office could be on the horizon for many of us in some form.


So how can we manage a return to work when we have got so used to home working routines and for those who continue to work from home, how can we continue to be effective?


Here are some top tips to manage the change back to office working



Routine – Returning to a commute and stricter morning schedule may be a challenge at first. Reset and work out your morning routine ahead of your first day. It will take some time to get back into the swing of things but you will soon start to notice a new rhythm.


Adapt and be flexible – Our usual working environments will not be the same as when we left to work from home earlier this year. There will be new rules, new guidance, new seating arrangements and even new ways of making your teas and coffees. Be adaptable and flexible. Remember that they are in place to protect you.


Ramp up your digital hygiene – continue to follow government guidance on hygiene and reduce anything that can increase risk of contamination. Ensure you are up to date on your own company’s risk assessments and guidance on returning to work as COVID-19 remains a part of our everyday lives.


Rules for the office – as you once did when you first started working from home, set new rules for working in the office again. Set goals for the day, structured targets to achieve and take regular breaks with time outside.


Colleagues – Make time to re-connect with colleagues and meet new ones who started during lock-down. Prepare for some colleagues to stay at home. Don’t stop communicating with them. They are still part of the team and may need extra support knowing many others have returned.



For those who continue to work from home, ensure you have a dedicated workspace and stay connected with colleagues. Working from home can challenge the work-life balance we all attempt to achieve so make sure you be clear about your working day. Take regular breaks, try to have some time outside and ensure you make a distinct end to the day.


Whether you continue to work from home or are returning to the office in the coming weeks ahead, the priority remains well-being. If health and safety is in the forefront of everyone’s mind, we will protect not only ourselves but everyone around us. Stay safe.


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