How safe are your home-working processes?


Security. It’s a word that resonates both in our home life as well as our workplace. In these unprecedented times, the two have come together in a way no one could have foreseen.


Below are 6 top tips which we hope will help you be as secure at home as you are in the office:



1. Change passwords regularly (if your password policy permits). They should be strong (not Password123 etc) and avoid using the same password for multiple services to protect from hacks to your various accounts.


2. Update your devices. Any devices you use to conduct business-related actions should have up-to-date Malware / Anti-Virus installed with regular updates, and be up to date with the latest software available for your device.


3. Change your WIFI password. If you have a WiFi router supplied by your broadband supplier, consider changing the default router password as well as the SSID (name of the WiFi Network) and password.


4. Beware of Public WIFI. Using public WiFi is a risk when conducting any activity on your devices and should be avoided if you can. It leaves you open to considerable risk of hacking.


5. Lookout for “Phishing” emails. These are emails that appear to be from your banks, payment providers, social media accounts etc. and are often VERY convincing. If in doubt, contact the company concerned using the Number / contact details you USUALLY use, not the ones provided in the potentially fraudulent email.


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