What does a future ready payment platform look like?

With recent events having a sudden effect on the world, many businesses are looking at the here and now in order to adapt but it is equally important to not lose sight of future changes.

When evaluating your business processes, strategies for the future should be rolled into any plans you may be making so that you are fully future-proofed and not caught out when the next change happens, whether that’s another pandemic or an industry change.

So what does a future ready payment platform look like?


There is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution and no business remains the same forever. Change is inevitable. Modular solutions enable you to create and adapt over time, moving forward and developing as and when you feel ready and when changes happen. This also results in better budget management. Regular audits of your payment processes can flag areas where change can be implemented.


The benefit of having a flexible supplier is that they are able to react to changes quickly and effectively and remain ahead of the curve. NPA (New Payment Architecture) for example is on the horizon and while it will not change the outcome of payments, it will fundamentally change the way everyone has to connect to banks and to payments infrastructure. Ensuring your solution can support these changes and adapt quickly is essential.


Every software solution requires updates at points and these can sometimes come at costly expense. A future ready platform will incorporate software updates to meet new rules and industry changes, enabling you to focus your time and budget on implementing your plans rather than worrying about whether your solution is current.


Staying compliant with regulations is crucial and a solution that can deliver this as an integrated guarantee is unrivalled. Not only does this give you complete peace of mind but it will also protect your business amid regulatory changes today and in the future.

The current pandemic has been a wake-up call to many businesses that planning for the future is essential. Evaluating your business needs and investing in a system that can provide a truly future-ready solution for your business is key.

For more information on how paygate can help your business be future ready, request an audit with one of our technical experts.

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