How to choose the best Bacs supplier for your business

May 6, 2021
It’s true that almost every business needs to process payments via the Bacs service, but equally every business is unique and has specific requirements to fit their own processes, security policies and budget. 

While the solution needs to tick all the boxes in terms of functionality, choosing a Bacs solution is more than just selecting the right software.  So how do you choose the right tools and partner for you?



Think strategically 


The best suppliers are the ones that supply a service according to your business needs. It’s important to first pin-point your business requirements, both now and in the future, to ensure the supplier you choose can meet your expectations.  



The partner


Navigating the payments industry can be a daunting and sometimes challenging experience, so having the best advice can make a huge difference to your organisation.  With deep expertise and industry knowledge, the right provider will be perfectly placed to guide you through your payments journey.



The solution


Equipping yourself with the right solution means ensuring you’re ready for the payments needs of the future with a truly long-term, robust solution. Look out for key elements which will enable you to not only build the solution that best suits your business, but enables you to grow over time.



That little bit extra


Even great technology on its own is not enough to maintain compliance and security, simplify payments processing and improve cost-efficiency. To get all of those benefits you need a few added ingredients.  


To discover more about these key ingredients and for more hints and tips on selecting your new partner and solution, download our guide: How to choose the best Bacs supplier for your business.  


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