Bank data validation

Control account data quality using real banking system data to reduce investigation and repair costs .

Our Validate service allows you to easily check your customer’s bank details, so you avoid errors and delayed or failed submissions. 

The validate service is used at the point of collecting bank details to check account detail accuracy. 

Utilising the latest and most up to date bank data available, you can rest assured that the validation is 100% correct, reducing investigation and repair costs, payment delays and detecting fraud. 


Submit error-free files with less

time-consuming corrections


Comply with regulations, avoid errors, reduce the risk of fraud and reduces costs


Quickly checks account accuracy against live banking data

Easy to implement and delivering fast return on investment, bank data validation improves business processes and customer service.

  • Used at point of entry as part of your payment or collection processes
  • Allows for hassle-free cashflow
  • Helps you deliver a great customer experience

With so many benefits, paygate Validate is the essential tool for achieving error free payments.

If you’re interested, our payments experts are ready to talk.

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