Effortlessly manage all your payments from paygate’s modular platform for total flexibility, greater cost efficiency and easy scaling.

  • Single platform for direct debit, direct credit, Faster Payments and international payments
  • File agnostic, integrates with any back-office system
  • Easy workflows with no professional services cost
  • Smarter signing options with HSM and HSM-aaS for remote working

In safe hands

We’ve been helping businesses manage cashflow and stay compliant for almost half a century, establishing and nurturing important connections across the industry. We’re not just Bacs-approved software suppliers to our customers; we’re trusted experts working in partnership to keep payment security, efficiency and automation at the heart of your business.


“We have an excellent relationship with paygate
and we are very satisfied”

Pembrokeshire Council


As part of the Jonas Software company, a subsidiary of Constellation Software, we are financially stable and supported with investment and growth expertise.


2,500 employees, supporting 80,000 customers across 25
different verticals

With a turnover of $3.5b turnover, Constellation Software operates in
over 100 countries

Smart processing. More control.

With paygate you streamline payment processes, cut hours of resource and reduce costs, all with greater control of your process and files.

  • Secure file collection, storage and transfer
  • Automatic encryption at source
  • Extended submission time
  • Visibility, access and ownership of files after submission
  • Reduced data entry duplication and errors
  • Bank data validation at source eliminates errors

Trusted. Flexible. Secure.

paygate’s modern architecture is made up of ready-to-play service modules. Start small then easily scale up by turning on functionality over time, as you need.  That’s a smarter way to manage your budgets and only pay for what you need.

  • Direct Debit Management Service (DDMS)
  • Bank data validation
  • Bacs-approved Bureau service
  • Business continuity and DR solutions

Why choose paygate?

Transparent pricing, no hidden charges, no long
contract lock-in

No Bacs transaction caps or overage charges and flexible, predictable pricing – no billing surprises!

Free lifetime updates to ensure you stay compliant, no forced or unnecessary

Choice of cloud or on-premise options – because not all businesses are the same

Robust, intelligent and future-ready solutions built on
a 40-year heritage

Honest customer care and dependable no-strings advice

We’ve successfully switched thousands
of customers to paygate


Choosing to move to paygate isn’t just about swapping technology. We guide you in taking a fresh look at how you manage payments, helping you tweak out opportunities to simplify and streamline for better process and cost efficiency.

Whatever your current solution or process, our switching program makes the move to paygate trouble-free and straightforward.

We protect your payments by running paygate alongside your existing solution, we quality test and get your team proficient with paygate before you switch over fully.  No disruption.  No risk.


“The transition to paygate was seamless,
supported and took a matter of days.”


Customers who choose to stay for decades

paygate is trusted by businesses and organisations across public and private sectors.  Over half our customers have repeatedly chosen paygate for 10 years or more, testament to the quality of our solutions and customer care.

Whether you’re an SME or global enterprise, our highly customisable platform is tailored to create the best solution for your business.


“We’ve been able to simultaneously embrace flexibility, reduce costs and bolster technological security”

Cardiff University


“paygate has helped us cut the
time to process our submissions by 75%, saving us over £25k each year”

James Cowper Kreston

“paygate in the Cloud is intuitive, secure and quick,
and product support
is second to none”

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

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