Make Bacs processing faster and more secure with easy workflows


What are automated workflows?

Automated workflows take the manual effort out of the Bacs payment process while still keeping you firmly in the driving seat.  Without any loss of control, automating the routine steps saves time, avoids delays and makes the process more efficient.

Choose which steps of the process you want to automate, set up the workflows once and they’ll run reliably in the background for as long as you wish.

How much time does your payments team spend downloading A-Reports after every submission, requesting and chasing approvals, or even just uploading payment files?  Let paygate’s automation feature handle it for you.

And if you need to make a change to the process, that’s no problem.  Workflows are easily edited on demand with just a few clicks.  You can even hand that over to our support team if you want to save your IT team even more time.

3 great ways to save time on routine steps using workflows

Get Bacs A-Reports delivered straight into paygate or your chosen location without going to the website.

Get maximum protection for your sensitive payment data with paygate’s detect and encrypt function.

Get paygate to do the requesting, chasing and alerting when payments need approval, even if multiple 

approvals are needed.

Our video explains more

Benefits of automated workflows


With built in alerts for actions, reminders avoid missed deadlines and delays to payment processes.


Manage multi-level user permissions to confidently minimise the risk of error, fraud or non-compliance.


Save time on often-repeated tasks such as downloading the Bacs reports or uploading payment files ready for actioning.

Best practice

Adopt best practice secure 

signing and approval. 



Faster processing that’s not 

hampered by staff absence. 


Replace error-prone smartcards 

with more secure options. 

Customer success

“paygate’s platform coupled with their technical expertise has enabled us to make great strides in streamlining and automating our own specific payment procedures. Previously, all of our bureau submissions were completed manually; at 6,000 files a year, that’s a significant ongoing time and cost saving from going lights-out”


Implementing paygate workflows keeps you in complete control with action triggers, messaging and alerts.  And if your processes change, no problem, the workflows are easily and immediately adapted.  Even with highly automated processes you can still retain some human overview of your payment procedures. That balance can be achieved with careful management of each team member’s roles and permissions, allowing you to confidently minimise the risk of error, fraud or non-compliance.

Automation of your payments submissions is fast and requires minimal time commitment from you.  It kicks off with an initial session with our technical team to understand which parts of your procedures you want to automate, and then we do the rest. On activation, you will instantly see improvements in efficiency by relieving your team from routine tasks. Set it up once, use it forever.

Costs are based on the number of workflows you require. The pricing varies dependant on whether you opt for light automation for a selection of tasks or a full lights out approach where all procedures are automated. You can start automating your processes from as little as £500. Schedule a call with your account manager to talk through your requirements.  

Our product has robust testing procedures to ensure you have total piece of mind. You will be able to conduct a structural test (no files is submitted to Bacs). Your automations won’t go live until you are fully happy and our support team are on hand to offer assistance.

Contact your Account Manager if you’d like to know more about setting up workflows