Automate for efficiency, compliance and savings

So far this year, paygate customers have used automated processes to complete 24m Bacs transactions to pay and collect over £6b worth of payments.


Streamlining your procedures with automation makes payment processing faster, more secure and more efficient.  


You can automate as much or as little of the Bacs process as you wish.


Automatic File Upload


Bank validation, signing and approval


Automatic download of Bacs A reports


Full ‘lights out’ automatic processing

paygate’s platform coupled with their technical expertise has enabled us to make great strides in streamlining and automating our own specific payment procedures. Previously, all of our bureau submissions were completed manually; at 6,000 files a year, that’s a significant ongoing time and cost saving from going lights-out

Lee Attwood, Cambridgeshire County Council

Automating the full process from file import, bank data validation, signing, approval and submission can all be safely handled by an automatic process.   


How many hours could that save your team to focus on other work?


Benefits of automation

  • Adopt best practice secure signing and approval 
  • Faster processing that’s not hampered by staff absence 
  • Replace error-prone smartcards with more secure options 
  • Reduce burden of failed or delayed payments 
  • Adherence to specific security protocols every time 
  • Improve efficiency by relieving your team from routine tasks
  • Total compliance assurance with locked-down procedures 

Powerful automation features

  • Easily set up and edit workflows with support from paygate technical team 
  • Set specific signing and approval criteria for each payment type, including multiple approvers where required 
  • Built in action alerts for faster processing 
  • Immediate Bacs A reports ready for review without leaving paygate 

Fast, easy set up

Getting started with automating your submissions can be done very quickly and with minimal time resource from you.


  • Start with a kick-off call with our technical experts to define precisely what processes you want to automate
  • Our technical team then set up all the workflows and review them with you
  • We then run our robust testing procedures that include a structural submission test to verify that the workflows are working correctly.  This means the entire process is checked without actually sending the file to Bacs
  • With complete reassurance, your workflows go live with our technical team on hand – and you start seeing the time saving benefits!


If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss automation
with one of our technical experts, talk to us today.