Payment security compliance regulations

Security lapses, non-compliance fines, fraud and human error create duplication, add unbudgeted cost, negatively impact cashflow and contribute to reputational damage.


The efficient management of payments in and out of your business is critical to sustained profitability and growth.

Payment automation

Automation elevates payment efficiency, security and speed to the next level, driving costs down, streamlining operations and boosting business efficiency

How do payment platforms save you money?

Many organisations will be looking at their business processes and solutions to see how they can improve in 2021

Why paygate

It’s no surprise more and more businesses are turning to paygate

Risk Free Switching to paygate

Switch to paygate without risk but all the benefits

Central Local Government

Helping the public sector apply digital strategies to transform debit and credit payment processing

Carmarthenshire Council

“The reliability and simplicity of paygate makes life very easy for our internal teams and enables us to deliver great customer service which makes their life easier too.”

Contingency Services

Our range of Standard and Premium Support services, contingency planning, disaster recovery and emergency submission services keep your payments on track, no matter what.

How to choose the best Bacs supplier for your business

It’s true that almost every business needs to process payments via the Bacs service, but equally every business is unique and has specific requirements to fit their own processes, security policies and budget.