We've successfully switched thousands of customers to paygate

Whatever your current solution or process, our switching program makes the move to paygate trouble-free and straightforward.

Switching to paygate is fast, straight forward and risk-free

Whether you’re switching from another solution or new to the market, it’s fast and easy to get started with paygate. Our finely tuned on-boarding procedure gets you migrated and ready to make and receive payments within weeks. 

We guarantee no disruption to your payments, carry out thorough testing and get your team up to speed with the new application quickly and easily thanks to paygate’s intuitive user-friendly design.

Your dedicated implementation Engineer gets things started and manages the whole process up to go live. Then our Support team is on hand for any ongoing help you need. 

Our finely tuned on-boarding process

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“The transition period to paygate was seamless and the savings we have made against

our incumbent supplier are over 50% year on year”

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