We’ve successfully switched thousands of customers to paygate

Whatever your current solution or process, our switching program makes the move to paygate trouble-free and straightforward.

We make sure there’s no disruption to your payments, carry out thorough testing and get your team trained and proficient for total peace of mind.


Choosing to move to paygate isn’t just about swapping technology

We guide you as you take a fresh look at how you manage payments, helping you tweak out opportunities to simplify and streamline for better process and cost efficiency.

We work in partnership with you to get to know your business and understand your unique challenges.  That means you get the best advice for keeping you compliant and to get maximum value from paygate.

“The transition to paygate was seamless and the savings we have made against our incumbent supplier are over 50% year on year.”

How is paygate better than other solutions?

Not all Bacs processing solutions are the same, and nor are the companies providing them.

Here’s how you benefit from the things that set us apart.

Flexible lifetime solutions

No transaction restrictions or penalties

Grow your business without skyrocketing costs

Flexible contracts and no unfair lock-in

Our customers stay with us because they want to

Free product updates for lifelong compliance

We never disguise industry changes as ‘essential’ upgrades

Commitment to ‘No end-of-life’

We won’t shelve your product just to railroad you into an upgrade

Future-ready technology to take on new regulations

paygate is designed and built to absorb industry changes

A partnership built on trust

Personalised modular products and services

To manage spend and scale your solution over time

Agile, honest account management

Building trusted partnerships with our customers is important to us

Choice of cloud, hosted or on-premise

Because not all businesses are the same

Security underpins everything that we do

We understand that impenetrable security is the only priority

40-year heritage of industry know-how and relationships

For dependable advice on navigating a changing industry

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