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Security lapses, non-compliance fines, fraud and human error create duplication, add unbudgeted cost, negatively impact cashflow and contribute to reputational damage.

  • Efficient management of debit and credit payments protects your business, sustains profitability and raises customer satisfaction.
  • Advancements in payment innovation, the drive towards digitisation and cloud adoption, modern flexible working and increasingly connected consumers create new challenges.
  • paygate addresses all of those with future-ready technology and leading industry expertise.

A future-ready platform

paygate gives you lights-out processing with automatic encryption, audit trailing, automated reporting and integrated HSM for fail-proof payment security and compliance.

paygate’s modern architecture means you’re always ready for the latest regulatory changes.


  • Future-ready technology
  • Guaranteed compliance with locked-down procedures
  • SMS signing and two-factor authentication
  • Secure cloud options
  • Data encryption at source
  • Audit-standard digital activity log
  • Cloud-HSM
  • High product failover and availability

Are you ready?
Read the latest on SHA2, PSD2, NPA, Request to Pay and other upcoming initiatives.



A trusted partner has never been more important

The paygate brand is built on our reputation for putting our customers’ security and compliance first.

Our close watch on the evolving payment landscape, decades of industry expertise and nurtured relationships with regulators and influencers empowers us to deliver trusted reliable guidance and total peace of mind.


  • Trusted regulatory advice
  • Reliable and timely industry knowledge
  • UK-based and security-cleared Support team
  • Disaster recovery & contingency services
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Tier-4 UK-based geographically distinct data centres

All-change industry regulations

The payments industry is undergoing fundamental change at an unprecedented rate.  We are all becoming increasingly tech savvy consumers and that’s driving demand for greater digitisation in business payment management.

Staying abreast of new regulations and ensuring you always remain compliant in a changing world is critical; payment security, fraud protection, cost efficiency and reputation are all at risk.

Through our deep industry knowledge and widespread connections, we’re perfectly placed to deliver information and guidance at the earliest stage.  Armed with credible and reliable insight, you are empowered to assess the impact of regulatory changes on your business.  And taking action early puts you in poll position to harness the benefits of regulatory changes.


Our experts keep you informed. paygate keeps you compliant.  

Stay abreast of the latest initiatives such as Open Banking, SHA2, PSD2, NPA, Request To Pay and more – download our latest guidance.

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Discover how automated payments protect your processes and ensure you stay compliant with changing regulations.  Centralised reporting and non-tamper audit trails provide the documented evidence to prove it.