Bacs processing with all the benefits

Bacs processing is the fast way to make and receive payments in the UK.  Employee salaries, supplier payments, subscription collections, consumer payments and more make up billions of payments processed every year.


paygate bridges the gap between your payment files and the Bacs submission

The easy-to-use solution helps you create, manage and store payment files, then submit them directly to Bacs for processing.

Files are kept securely and protected within paygate – rather than on your network where they may be exposed to unauthorised access – before submitting to Bacs, bypassing the risks from manual transfer to your bank.

This gives you uncompromised payment security, protects data integrity and puts you in control.

paygate extends your submission time right up to the daily cut-off, and even after submitting your files you retain visibility, access and ownership – benefits that are not usually available when using your bank.

paygate’s powerful functionality lets you easily check bank data at source, avoids repeated data entry and removes risk-prone file transfer.  That means faster payment processing, better security and reduced costs.


Bacs processing with all the benefits

Why paygate is better

Gives you four key advantages

  • Full end-to-end control
  • Greater flexibility
  • Stronger security
  • Efficiency and cost savings

And saves you money in two ways

  • Cut the time and manpower to prepare submissions
  • Avoid error-related failed payment charges & remedial cost

Protect your payment process with paygate

Integrate with any ERP or finance system

paygate works out-of-the box to transform payment files in any format – including spreadsheets – into fully compliant Bacs-ready submissions





Validate payments before you submit

Spot errors and duplications to eliminate failed payments, avoid delays and cut remedial costs






Ensure file integrity throughout

Encryption at source, controlled access and secure transfer keeps your files protected and tamper-proof until you submit to Bacs directly from paygate





Stay compliant and in control even after submission

paygate locks your processes to the Bacs rules, making it impossible to fall foul and keeping you compliant.

Access to your files after submission lets you review, recall and edit for maximum control

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